FIFA Appointed 13 Video Assistant Referees (VARs) for 2018 World Cup


FIFA appointed 13 video assistant referees for 2018 world cup which will be held in Russia. These referees have been selected based on their experience. In the upcoming FIFA world cup, they will watch each and every moment of match including players’ moment in depth on the video screens.

FIFA Appointed 13 Video Assistant Referees (VARs) for 2018 World Cup

Video Assistant Referee (VAR): What is this?

The big games are getting decided by bad referee calls. This cannot be the case in this day and age where the technology is cheap and easy to install.

A Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has a very complex job when using video technology in a football match. Video assistant referees support the decision-making process of referees. There are four match-changing situations where a VAR can be used in clear errors.

It doesn’t “change” the game at all. Sure, they will take a couple seconds extra to make to call, but those will be added to the extra time.


Video Assistant Referee in 2018 FIFA World Cup

Each match at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will have a VAR together with 3 Assistants – AVAR1, AVAR2, and AVAR3.

The appointments will be confirmed before each match.

The video assistant referee does not take any decisions; he supports the referee (on Ground) in the decision making process and the final decision can only be taken by the referee. [Check out 2018 FIFA World Cup Referees from here]

Video Assistant Referees Breakdown

All video assistant referee team members are the top FIFA match officials. They are expert and they have a lot of experience. Among the 13 selected – 9 referees come from the association of UEFA, 3 from the CONMEBOL region and 1 from AFC countries as shown below:

  • 9 Referees from UEFA.
  • 3 Referees from CONMEBOL.
  • 1 Referee from AFC.

We hope the VAR works out smoothly without any controversies in the 2018 FIFA world cup. We hope the video assistant referees would be quick in their decisions to enable the matches to flow.

What do think of VAR in FIFA World Cup Matches?

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Source: FIFA VAR at the World Cup

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