FIFA World Cup Winners till date [Updated List]


Everybody is excited about 2018 football cup and it will be started soon in Russia. The games of this years’ soccer tournament will be played from 14 June to 15 July. Till then, many countries lift the FIFA cup. Here is the FIFA world cup winners list that held every 4 years since 1930. Have a look at the past winners with final match videos below…

FIFA World Cup Winners Till Date 2

Men’s FIFA World Cup is held in every 4 years since 1930 except 1942 and 1946. In the year of 1942 and in 1946, FIFA World Cup was canceled due to second world war.

Till then a total of 20 tournaments have been played in different host countries and 77 nations participated at least once in any of the tournament.

Out of 20 FIFA World Cup Tournament, Brazil is the only nation that won most of the final 5 out of 20. After Brazil, Germany and Italy have 4 trophies each in their name.

Argentina and Uruguay have 2-2 titles each in their name. Lastly, Spain, England, and France have won FIFA World Cup Title only one time each.

The winner of the tournament was finalized by playing a 90-minute match between the team who wins the semifinal of the tournament.

If there is no goal strike by any one of the team then extra 30 minutes is given to strike any goal. If even after there is no goal in extra time then the winner is selected by kicks from the penalty shootout.

Let’s have a look at the FIFA World Cup Winners (Past World Cup Winners)since 1930 below.

FIFA World Cup Winners Since 1930 – Champions List

#1930 Final

  • Teams: Uruguay Vs Argentina
  • Winner: Uruguay
  • Score: 4-2
  • Date of Match: 30th July 1930
  • Referee: John Langenus (Belgium)
  • Location: Estadio Centenario, Montevideo
  • Attendance: 68,346

By today’s date, it is, along with world cup played in 1966, only world cup not to be played on Sunday. It is only World Cup till date not to be played on a weekend. After winning this world cup, this day was declared as the National Holiday for Uruguay. Sadly, all the players who played this world cup are died as on the date of this article.

#1934 Final

  • Teams: Italy Vs Czechoslovakia
  • Winner: Italy
  • Score: 2-1
  • Date of Match: 10th June 1934
  • Referee: Ivan Eklind (Sweden)
  • Location: Stadio Nazionale PNF, Rome
  • Attendance: 55,000

Czechoslovakia has taken the lead in the match till only 19 minutes left to end the match. But later Italy equals the score just after 10 minutes. Then match has gone for the first-ever extra time in the history of FIFA World Cup Final. In extra time, in just 5 minutes Italy scored the goal and wins the 1934 world cup title. Sadly, all the players who played this world cup are died as on the date of this article.

#1938 Final

  • Teams: Italy Vs Hungary
  • Winner: Italy
  • Score: 4-2
  • Date of Match: 19th June 1938
  • Referee: Georges Capdeville (France)
  • Location: Stade Olympique de Colombes, Paris
  • Attendance: 45,000

The Italy team has taken lead with 3-1 by the end of first half of the match. It was evident from that score that Hungary cannot overcome this situation. Actually, it happened the same. The Italians won that match with a final score of 4-2. Sadly, all the players who played this world cup are died as on the date of this article.


Not Played due to World War


Not Played due to World War

#1950 Final

  • Teams: Uruguay Vs Brazil
  • Winner: Uruguay
  • Score: 2-1
  • Date of Match: 16th July 1950
  • Referee: George Reader (England)
  • Location: Estádio do Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro
  • Attendance: 199,854

This world cup was played after 12 years from the previous one due to world wars. Unlike all other world cups to date, the winner of 1950 world cup was determined by final group stage match with 4 teams instead of a knockout stage matches. In this match, Brazil has taken lead by scoring a goal in the first 2 minutes of the match.

But the final score of the match was 2-1, making Uruguay as the winner of the FIFA World Cup 1950. Sadly, all the players who played this world cup are died as on the date of this article.

#1954 Final

  • Teams: West Germany Vs Hungary
  • Winner: West Germany
  • Score: 3-2
  • Date of Match: 04th July 1954
  • Referee: William Ling (England)
  • Location: Wankdorf Stadium, Bern
  • Attendance: 62,500

1954 World Cup Final is one of the greatest final of all time in the history of FIFA World Cup till date. In Germany, this final is known as the Miracle of Bern. Other than football, this match has a major impact on both the countries as it was first world cup after the world war in which both countries were able to reach the final.

After a final score of 3-2 West Germany wins this world cup.

# 1958 Final

  • Teams: Brazil vs Sweden
  • Winner: Brazil
  • Score: 5-2
  • Date of Match: 29th June 1958
  • Referee: Maurice Guigue (France)
  • Location: Råsunda Stadium, Solna
  • Attendance: 49,737

During the match, Sweden took lead within 5 minutes of the match. But the lead will no longer be in favor of Sweden as Vava from Brazil Team equalized the score after 5 minutes of the same. Then Brazil took the score to 4-1 until the end of the match. The final score of the match sealed at 5-2 making Brazil winner of the FIFA World Cup Winner of 1958 match.

# 1962 Final

  • Teams: Brazil vs Czechoslovakia
  • Winner: Brazil
  • Score: 3-1
  • Date of Match: 17th June 1962
  • Referee: Nikolay Latyshev (Soviet Union)
  • Location: Estadio Nacional, Santiago
  • Attendance: 68,679

After winning this match, Brazil becomes the second team to successfully defending the title. First was Italy in 1938. After that, no team has not been able to defend their title to date. In this world Cup, both the teams played against each other twice. Once at the group stage when no team has been able to score any goal resulting in a draw match.

# 1966 Final

  • Teams: England vs Germany
  • Winner: England
  • Score: 4-2
  • Date of Match: 30th July 1966
  • Referee: Gottfried Dienst (Switzerland)
  • Location: Wembley Stadium, London
  • Attendance: 96,924

Television telecast of this match in Britain was the most watched television event ever as the views crossed 32.30 million. This World Cup was the first and last win of England till date. After that England was not even able to reach to the finals of any FIFA World Cup. This match was also remembered for its FIRST, TILL DATE, and to only till date hattrick by any player. In this match, Geoff Hurst hits the first ever hat-trick of goals in the history of FIFA World Cup Final event.

# 1970 Final

  • Teams: Brazil vs Italy
  • Winner: Brazil
  • Score: 4-1
  • Date of Match: 21st June 1970
  • Referee: Rudi Glöckner (East Germany)
  • Location: Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
  • Attendance: 107,412

This match was marked as the first match where two earlier world cup winners come across each other. Before this match, both the teams have won 2-2 world cups each. After winning this match, Brazil becomes the most successful team in the history of FIFA World Cup at that time. It broke the records of Italy and Uruguay who already won 2-2 world cup finals. In this match, Pele (Brazil Player) ended his playing career. Pele is the only player to date to be part of three World Cup Wins.

# 1974 Final

  • Teams: Netherlands vs West Germany
  • Winner: West Germany
  • Score: 1-2
  • Date of Match: 7th July 1974
  • Referee: Jack Taylor (England)
  • Location: Olympiastadion, Munich
  • Attendance: 75,200

In this match, Netherlands took lead by scoring the first goal within 2 minutes of the start of the game. West Germany then ties the score by scoring a goal in 25th minute of the match. Finally, West Germany bags the world cup final trophy by scoring the resulting goal in the 43rd minutes of the match. By winning this match, West Germany becomes the country with Two Title in their bag at that time.

# 1978 Final

  • Teams: Argentina vs Netherlands
  • Winner: Argentina
  • Score: 3-1
  • Date of Match: 25th June 1978
  • Referee: Sergio Gonella (Italy)
  • Location: Estadio Monumental, Buenos Aires
  • Attendance: 71,483

This match was hosted in the largest stadium of Argentina. This match was won by Argentina, the host team. The Netherlands loses the second consecutive world cup match, both times losing from the host countries.

# 1982 Final

  • Teams: Italy vs West Germany
  • Winner: Italy
  • Score: 3-1
  • Date of Match: 11th July 1982
  • Referee: Arnaldo Cézar Coelho (Brazil)
  • Location: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid
  • Attendance: 90,000

After winning this match, Italy levels the record of Brazil of winning the most world cup at that time. This was the 3rd World Cup win of Italy. Golden Ball award for the best player of the tournament was first awarded in this march. Paolo Rossi from Italy won the Golden Boot by scoring most goals in the tournament.

# 1986 Final

  • Teams: Argentina vs West Germany
  • Winner: Argentina
  • Score: 3-2
  • Date of Match: 29th June 1986
  • Referee: Romualdo Arppi Filho (Brazil)
  • Location: Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
  • Attendance: 114,600

This match became a very exciting match of FIFA World Cup Finals. Argentina scores the first goal of the match which remains the only goal from both the teams till the end of first half. After the break, Argentina doubles the score by hitting the goal in 10 minutes of second half. At that time, it was expected that Argentina will easily win this match but then West Germany levels the score by hitting Two back to back goals in 74th & 80th minute of the match.

Although this leveling of score didn’t last long as Argentina hits the winning goal in 84th minute & sealed the score to 3-2. There were 6 Yellow Cards issued in this match which was a world record till 2010 world cup.

# 1990 Final

  • Teams: West Germany vs Argentina
  • Winner: West Germany
  • Score: 1-0
  • Date of Match: 8th July 1990
  • Referee: Edgardo Codesal (Mexico)
  • Location: Stadio Olimpico, Rome
  • Attendance: 73,603

This was the exact replica of the final World Cup match held in 1986 (the previous one). Both the teams are same, but the result was exactly opposite. Argentina was the defending champions which lose this match by 1-0.

This was the first final match of FIFA World Cup, where one of the team is not able to score any goal. This was the last World Cup Final match of West Germany, before playing as United Germany.

# 1994 Final

  • Teams: Brazil vs Italy
  • Winner: Brazil
  • Score: 0-0 (3-2 on penalties)
  • Date of Match: 17th July 1994
  • Referee: Sándor Puhl (Hungary)
  • Location: Rose Bowl, Pasadena
  • Attendance: 94,194

This becomes the first match in the history of FIFA World Cup Finals when both the teams were not able to hit a goal in match time as well as in extra time. The decision of winner of this match is then declared on the basis of a number of penalties. Brazil won this match on 3-2 on penalties basis.

After winning this match, Brazil surpassed the highest number of wins of Italy and Germany in a World Cup Final.

# 1998 Final

  • Teams: France vs Brazil
  • Winner: France
  • Score: 3-0
  • Date of Match: 12th July 1998
  • Referee: Said Belqola (Morocco)
  • Location: Stade de France, Saint-Denis
  • Attendance: 80,000

The match was played between the 4 times winner, defending champion Brazil & France who is the first-time finalist in FIFA World Cup Final. France was also the host nation for this World Cup.

France clean swept Brazil in this match and won the match with 3-0 Score. This win becomes more historical for France as the match was held just 2 days before their National Day.

# 2002 Final

  • Teams: Brazil vs Germany
  • Winner: Brazil
  • Score: 2-0
  • Date of Match: 30th June 2002
  • Referee: Pierluigi Collina (Italy)
  • Location: International Stadium, Yokohama
  • Attendance: 69,029

This is the first time when Brazil & Germany came across in a World Cup Final match. Brazil won this match by scoring 2 goals in the second half of this match. Ronaldo is the one, who later become the highest goal scoring player in world cup finals, to score the2 goals of this match.

After winning this match, Brazil strengthens its record of highest number of wins to 5 WINS in a FIFA World Cup Final Match.

# 2006 Final

  • Teams: Italy vs France
  • Winner: Italy
  • Score: 1-1 (5-3 on penalties)
  • Date of Match: 09th July 2006
  • Referee: Horacio Elizondo (Argentina)
  • Location: Olympiastadion, Berlin
  • Attendance: 69,000

This match was special as after 1978 it was the first match in which neither Germany nor Brazil were able to reach the finals of FIFA World Cup. After winning this match from France, Italy becomes the second most successful country to win the tournament.

# 2010 Final

  • Teams: Spain vs Netherlands
  • Winner: Spain
  • Score: 1-0
  • Date of Match: 11th July 2010
  • Referee: Howard Webb (England)
  • Location: Soccer City, Johannesburg
  • Attendance: 84,490

In this match, none of the finalists were a winner earlier. The winner of the match has come out only 4 minutes before the end of extra time when Andres Iniesta scored a goal against Netherlands. This was the first match when a European Company won a World Cup Final match outside Europe.

# 2014 Final

  • Teams: Germany vs Argentina
  • Winner: Germany
  • Score: 1-0
  • Date of Match: 13th July 2014
  • Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (Italy)
  • Location: Estádio do Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro
  • Attendance: 74,738

The 2014 World Cup was sold as the World best player (Lionel Messi) versus the world’s best team Germany. This was the third consecutive world cup final when a None of the team is able to score a goal until 90 minutes of the game.

Before this match, Germany has 4 & Argentina has 2 World Cup Winner titles in their bag. The match was won by Germany by scoring the only goal of the match.

Past Football World Cup winners List [ Updated]

Here is the brief details of the FIFA World Cup Winners. You can check the past football world cup winners list below:

Year Winner Result Runner Up
2014 Germany Germany 1-0 Argentina Argentina
2010 Spain Spain 1-0 Netherlands South Africa
2006 Italy 1-1, then Italy beat France 5-3 in penalties Germany
2002 Brazil Brazil 2-0 Germany Japan / S. Korea
1998 France France 3-0 Brazil France
1994 Brazil 0-0, then Brazil defeated Italy 3-2 in penalties USA
1990 Germany Germany 1-0 Argentina Italy
1986 Argentina Argentina 3-2 Germany Mexico
1982 Italy Italy 3-1 Germany Spain
1978 Argentina Argentina 3-1 Holland Argentina
1974 Germany Germany 2-1 Holland Germany
1970 Brazil Brazil 4-1 Italy Mexico
1966 England England 4-2 Germany England
1962 Brazil Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia Chile
1958 Brazil Brazil 5-2 Sweden Sweden
1954 Germany Germany 3-2 Hungary Switzerland
1950 Uruguay Uruguay 2-1 Brazil Brazil
1946 not held due to World War
1942 not held due to World War
1938 Italy Italy 4-2 Hungary France
1934 Italy Italy 2-1 Czechoslovakia Italy
1930 Uruguay Uruguay 4-2 Argentina Uruguay


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