2026 World Cup Host Selection Bidding


FIFA has always been in news for its process of world cup host selection. It was called as the most corrupted sporting hosting selection process. When in 2010, Russia and Qatar has been assigned Hosting for World Cup for 2018 & 2022 respectively, it became clearly evident to everybody.

Reports say that Qatar has spent more than 117 Million pounds for getting 2022 FIFA World Cup hosting. Reports also claimed that when in 2010, Russia was allotted 2018 world cup, the decision was already taken even before start of the voting process.

Gianni Infantino has been appointed as the FIFA Boss in February 2018. Infantino in one of its press conference said that “FIFA has been heavily criticized for how it conducted the selection of hosts in the past.”

“It was our obligation to learn from this and leave no room for any doubt and subjectivity.”

2026 World Cup Host Selection Bidding - FIFA

2026 World Cup Host Selection Bidding [FIFA]: Result on 13 June 2018

Recently FIFA has announced two major bidders for hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The two contenders are…

  1. Canada, Mexico & the USA – Joint Bid
  2. Moroccan Football Association

Before the 2026 FIFA World Cup host selection it has been made clear that this tournament would be first to feature 48 nations. So here football lovers can see the world cup expansion, so far only 32 teams participated in the FIFA World Cup.

In addition to that, it has been also announced that FIFA World Cup 2022 is going to be the first Winter season world cup of all time!

Infantino also added that “The rules of the process include the highest standards in terms of ethical conduct, participation and commitment to sustainability and human rights,”

“These are necessary steps to ensure that we never go back to the old ways.”

He also challenged the world to find any fairer or more transparent hosting bid process than the one for the 2026 World Cup.

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